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Science fiction or Bolanga fiction.

   Most people don't understand the true meaning of science fiction or distinguest between fantasy-fiction and science-ficton. A ordinery  fiction in a futuristic setting is not a sci-fi. Not even close. 'Twelve angry men' set on planet Delta3 and even one of the jurior bieng a anroid is still just a good fiction not a Sci-fi. To me, a true sci-fi is about concept with scientific roots more then the actual story. And if such concept is combined with a great story, its a great science fiction. 

Just like the famous voice reminded us ,'to explore new worlds','seek out new civilization, 'boldly go where no men has gone before'. 

Thus true sci-fi is a ficition in which facts or theories of contemporary science are imaginatively employed and blogana fiction is a so called sci-fi story set in a different envoirment.

More . .. to . . .come . .. ..



List of my favorite Sci-fi Movies.

coming soon.