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W/U = Wind Up       B/O = Bettery Opt.

All robots are between 5" to 6" tall. Most robots are made of plastic and are poseable unless mention otherwise.

R o b o c o n

This is Robocon, a robot fom a Japanese animated show. This one is a translucent clock. The diecast version of this robot is more popular.

Robot full of Robots

I don't have much info about this robot. Its a plastic container containing 6 tiny Robot inside.
Inside view

One of the latest tin W/U robot from Shylling. Shylling designed this one by taking a few parts from thier previos robots, like the body from "Atomic Robot Man"and the head from "Neutron robot Man". Only thing is new is the gender.
Another version

Candy Despanser

A candy despanser robot for "smarties" candy, caries two cylinder full of candy on its back. Despanse candy by pushing the button on its head. Looks like brain robot from Ding-a-ling robot.

    C R A Y O N S      R O B O T

Tin container full of crayons.

Unkown W/U robot


B/O robot. Bump-n-go action and light up antenna.

ROBOQUOTES: Quotes for Robots from Robots
Quote # 101
" Last night a man came after me with a knife. I laughed until he threw away the knife and pull out a srew driver."
from 'Serviving the street, a robots guide' by MedBot090921