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W/U = Wind Up        B/O = Bettery Opt.
All robots are 5" to 6" tall
Most robots are made of plastic and are poseable unless mentioned otherwise.

The famous Robby from "Forbidden Planet"(1956). This is a die-cast poseable statue by Masudaya of japan.

   B - 9
From orignal TV series "Lost in Space" (1965-1968). Although no name was given to this robot by the orignal tv series, it's been called B-9 robot by its fan. In Japan its known as YM-3 or Friday Robot.
This talking Christmas ornament is my favorite, not just because its a classic but this one is sign by Bob May (yes the actor who gave this robot its famous voice in the TV series).
Click here to go to BOB MAY's cool website.

Why does a robot need hairspray ??
Unless it is a TROLLBOT

C3PO & R2D2
The famous robot duo

From the orignal Star Wars

from Fritz Lang's 1926 masterpiece 'Metropolis'. Click below to go to the best website on this movie.
Fritz Lang's Metropolis

Imperial Probe Droid
from classic 'Star Wars'

ROBOQUOTES: Quotes from Robots for Robots
Quotes # 07
"Robots don't make mistakes they malfunction"