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W/U = Wind Up       B/O = Bettery Opt.
All robots are between 5" to 6" tall.
Most robots are made of plastic and are poseable unless mention otherwise.

Atomic Robot Man
Tin W/U
A same size reproduction of earliest toy robot manufactured in occupied Japan in the late 1940s.


Here is the Orignal I acquired.
Robot Machine Bank
W/O bank
Gold Rush
from episodes of 'Power Ranger'
W/U tin robot
The box says,"Proton man is ready to handle all those messy toxic spills for you.If pipes are leaking in your reactor, Proton Man."
Smaller reproduction of old tin robot "Zoomer" from 1950.
W/U tin robot
Of course after Proton Man, It was only logical to create Neutron Man.
From animated series "Nova's Ark".
This one is not my robot. I'm still trying to get this one.This picture belongs to Jeff's personal robot collection, he let me use it here. I have seen many forms of this robot e.g radio, intercom, clock etc. Great design. Check out this and other great toy robots at
Jeff's Robots

ROBOQUOTES: Quotes from Robots for Robots
Quotes # 05
"Anroids may resemble thier creators but they are no Gods"
from the Book "AI and Carbon based life" by ViperXL