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W/U = Wind Up      B/O Bettery Opt.
All robots are 5" to 6" tall.
Most robots are made of plastic and are poseable unless mentioned otherwise.

W/U robot from the 80s made in Hong Kong. Walks sideways while sweeping frantically, chattering mouth action.

Geko-Ki Anti-Idea Monster Assault Robots
From the new Japanese mini series from the acclaimed director Keita Amamiya ("Zeram"), comes these 5" tall super detailed kaiju retro Gekko-ki ("Moonlight Machine") Anti-Idea Monster assault robots.

~ My Robot Clocks ~

PVC figure of the famous beer guzzling, rude & selfish robot from Futurama.
Click to the link below to go to the Futurama's official website and read Bender's bio

Futurama's Official Website

( this link will open another window )


Mechanical Machine Robot from 70s

Another non-sparking older verson.

T O M Y     R O B O T

This plastic robot has a big yellow button on its
back to move its red arm.


ROBOQUOTES: Quotes from Robots for Robots
Quote # 92
" Ponder this, humans, thanks to the mircale of Recycling your toilet seat
can come back to you as your toothbrush"
Entertainment Robot 345