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W/U = Wind Up       B/O = Bettery Opt.

All robots are between 5" to 6" tall. Most robots are made of plastic and are poseable unless mention otherwise.

God Jesus Robot

??God Jessus Robot? I am as puzzled as you are. This B/O robot can answer any of your lifelong questions in 'yes' or 'no' by noding its head accordingly. Comes with its own crufix. All the instructions are in Japanese except for the name.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Dalek from the famous British Sci-fi TV show 'Dr. Who'. The longest running Sci-fi show in the history of TV. The BBC launched Doctor Who on an unsuspecting British public on Saturday 23rd November 1963. It ran until 1989 and returned in 1996 for a one-off TV Film. This robot is a playset, opens up to reveal Doctor's lab, Tardis and miniture figures of the 4th Doctor and Dalek.
You can find a lot of info (and I mean a lot) on the net about Dr. Who
Below are two such links :

Dr. Who's Official Site

The Time Ring: Webring for all Dr. Who websites (over 160 sites)

    R O B O T      O R N A M E N T S

Do robots celebrate christmas, Eid or Hannukah? I am not sure if they do, but I do know last year a toy robot brought great joy to a little boy on Eid day in Cairo. These two mercury glass robots above brought joy to a collector in USA. My point, Robots bring joy and happiness on all happy-present-giving-days, religious or non-religious.

K I T C H E N      R O B O T

Scarce 1960's Cragstan Wind-up Kitchen Robot. Made of plastic and tin. This robot has arms that are a fork and spoon, funnel for a hat, cheese grater body, and a measuring spoon and spatula in his back pack. This robot does makes me think, What its designer envisoned when he created this one? Maybe this robot was created to walk on counter tops of the kitchen in a near future and tell recipes and jokes to the cook?


Scarce B/O Mini-Robo Tank with mystery action. Made in Japan in the 1960's by TN. Made of tin and plastic. Bump and go action, arms move rapidly while the mechanism emits a clatter. lighted red chest cannon and shooting sound.


ROBOQUOTES: Quotes for Robots from Robots
Quote # 80
"For all those who argue that Tinman was a robot, I have this to say, if
Tinman was a robot it did not needed to go to the
Wizard of Oz to get a heart. It could had rewired its thermocables in its
chest to get simulated heartbeats of a human heart".