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W/O = Windup     B/O = Bettery Opt.
All robots are 5" to 6" tall
Most robots are poseable and are made of plastic unless mentioned otherwise.

  Lost in Space robots
Past, present & future.

The two robots in front are from Lost in Space movie (1998). The Blue robot and the Battle Ravaged robot. The classic robot from Lost in Space tv series (1965-1968) is in the back. Althoug no name was given to it by the characters of the show, its been called B-9 robot by the fans. In Japan its known as YM-3 or "friday robot".

The Law Enforcment Driod

This big robot was the 1st prototype robocop build by OCP company for LAPD in the futurestic Sci-fi action movie Robocop (1987).
This toy figure has a cap firing mechanism on the back.

Ceramic Robot Banks

Found these in a flea market. The sticker on the bottom says "ENESCO design giftware "1984 Taiwan". Are these a part of a set? If so how many were there? Maybe someone out there can shed some light.

Destroyer Droid

This is "Destroyer Droid" from Star Wars Eposide 1
the Phentom Menic. It rolls around in shape
of a ball and transform to a tripod shape for attack.

Zeroid Robot

"Moving across the landscape, over running all obstacles as inexorably as the Future itself, these amazing, efficient and powerful automatons have but one purpose - to serve their masters at work and play!" This was the sales pitch for Zeroids, released in 1967.
This blue version Zeroid,is the low tech version which was released in the 70s called the Star Team Zeroid robot, this one came packaged in a windowed box. "Highly detailed action robot with moveable arms. Zeroid rolls on a twin tread base. Flip on his special flashing signal lamp and send messages to his friends.

ROBOQUOTES: Quotes from Robots for Robots
Quote # 57: "Bending out of shape is a major malfunction unless you are a Transformer"
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