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W/U = Wind           B/O = Bettery Opt.
All robots are between 5" to 6" tall.
Most robot are made of plastic and are poseable unless mentioned otherwise.

Baby boy of Marx Electrical Robot
Check this baby out.. This robot is from the 1950's robot toy set called "Electric Robot & son". This not-so-cute-n-cuddly son has a silver 50s style diaper (leaks oil, I suppose). Definitely a unique robot toy.

Pic with Dad
Pic in front of their home

Sgt. Major Zero

Head will roll ... or hover

Although there is not much to this robot, Its just a head on a stick (or charging station). I like this robot, it proves the point that a robot don't have to resumble a human, in order to be functional it have to adobtable to its envoirment.This robot is made of diecast. You can pop its head off by pushing a button in its center.This robot is a character a from old british puppet tv show "Terrahawks", popular in the UK during late 70s. I never saw the show but found its impressive website. Where you can browse its history, characters, links and can watch video clips.
Terrahawks   website
( this link will open another window )

From one of the best sci-fi movie "Matrix"

Robot Sippy Cups

My Construction Crew
Not all robot are in destruction, some of them are in construction business too.


ROBOQUOTES: Quotes for Robots from Robots
Quote # 91
"Every morning I start my day by loading data in my hard-drive and Viegra in my sex-drive"
from "Robot and Longevity" by 270,000 year old robot "OLDFAR8